GWI Trends: The Fight for Online Privacy

Recently, we launched the latest in our series of GWI Trends – examining the growing importance of online privacy for today’s internet users.

At a headline level, consumers are more concerned about their digital footprint than ever before. Some 58% now say that they are worried about the internet eroding their personal privacy, a figure which has been ticking upwards from 49% back in 2012.

It’s an issue which becomes even more pronounced when we look at corporate use of data in particular. Here, close to two thirds (64%) express concern – a trend which demonstrates why transparent and open data policies have been elevated in importance.

Nevertheless, there are clear age-based patterns to note. While older consumers are the most likely to be worried about privacy, it’s the younger age groups who are more likely to be taking direct action – with 44% of 25-34s having deleted cookies and more than a fifth having used anti-tracking tools within the month. In both instances, that puts them about ten percentage points ahead of 55-64s.

To explore this theme in more detail, you can download the full version of our new privacy trend here.