GWI Infographic: Profiling Buzzfeed Visitors

This week we’ve released yet another brand new infographic, this time profiling the behaviors, attitudes and demographics of the Buzzfeed audience (you can download it from our Insight Store here).

Globally, it’s around 1 in 10 internet users who say they are visiting Buzzfeed each month, with a predictable peak among Millennials. At a country level, places like the USA (13%), Canada (11%) and the UK (8%) are well represented, but there’s also major traffic coming from India and China (13% of internet users in each of these two markets say that they visited the site last month). Many of these individuals are likely to be invisible or incorrectly geo-allocated within passive web analytics given that so many Buzzfeed users say that they connect to the internet via a VPN or Proxy Server (globally, a quarter of internet users say they do this; among Buzzfeed’s audience, this increases notably to 50%).

Unsurprisingly, Buzzfeed visitors are extremely active on a range of social networks – one of the reasons why the site enjoys such a high level of sharing. Just over half are actively engaging with Facebook each month, with Twitter (43%) following closely behind. The impact of Chinese visitors is clear to see too: around a third of the Buzzfeed audience are using Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo.