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Wave 6 – Coming shortly

Our November set of data will shortly be released to clients in the online tool, with IMS, Telmar and custom projects delivered in January 2012. We are currently working through data checking, processing and data tool integration and we aim to release on the 19th of December, just in time for your Christmas data needs.

Building on new technology – NFC Potential

I am starting to get really excited by the potential of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Indeed, I very much look forward to not having to carry around my wallet, Oyster card, my array of loyalty cards, etc. More importantly, however, it will allow me to more seamlessly share and connect with all sorts of people and brands.

Knowing your customer: Italy

The GlobalWebIndex consulting team is proud to introduce a new series of reports under the theme “Knowing your customer”. In short, the new series will consist of a series of country reports designed to help businesses of all types understand their key customer segments online in each individual market.

Time has come to drop the concept of “digital”

Quite apart from the fact that digitised media and content now exist for all types of media regardless of whether it’s delivered over the air, in a book or on a DVD, the way consumers are adopting and using the internet, makes the term utterly redundant. To sum up, (if you are online) when was the last time you consumed anything analogue? This may sound trivial, but as we explore below, it has major impacts for the way we view the Internet.

Can LinkedIn prosper in Japan?

Last week, LinkedIn announced that it is launching a Japanese version of its service (LinkedIn’s announcement) When I heard this, I was intrigued because social networks in Japan have a much lower level of penetration than other countries around the world and surely there are better markets that LinkedIn could be expanding into. So I’ve dug up a few nuggets that may help shed light on LinkedIn’s potential in Japan: