The Winter Olympics and the Second Screen

With the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics kicking off today, we look at the opportunities for sponsors on the second-screen.

Over 90% of Winter Olympics Fans say they use another device while watching TV, showing that many will be diverting their attention during the Games. Social media is where most viewers go, to message friends and check updates. Following or making commentary while watching TV is a common social media user behavior and this gives brands the fertile ground to engage users with their unique take on the Games.

For 2018 Winter Olympics partners like McDonald’s and Samsung, the second-screen presents a big challenge and opportunity. The answer is not to push out excessive promotional content across social, though. The solution lies in being a part of the real-time Olympics commentary among social media users, and offering brands’ unique take on the Games in order to overcome the competition.  

Winter Olympics Fans are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who say they watch the Winter Olympics on TV or online.