Why Buyable Pins Will Work on Pinterest

Last month, Pinterest became the latest social network to throw its hat into the social commerce arena by announcing the launch of buyable pins.

With the first versions of these now being rolled out to iPhone and iPad users, Tuesday’s Chart of the Day shows why the move is likely to be a success for the network.

Currently, just over 7 in 10 Pinterest users are buying products online, showing that the majority of the site’s audience is already comfortable engaging with e-commerce.

Even more significantly, social commerce is the joint top purchase driver among Pinterest users. When we ask these individuals what makes them more likely to purchase something online, this outscores 14 other options – including financial incentives, customer reviews, free delivery, loyalty points and personalized recommendations.

Clearly, then, buyable pins are likely to resonate extremely strongly with the Pinterest audience and could help to normalize the idea of social commerce in North America.

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