WhatsApp and Facebook have Highest Usage Frequency

As we illustrate in our new GWI Social report (download a free summary here), Facebook doesn’t just top the table for overall user numbers, it also leads when we look at usage frequency.

This is a place where the strength of its wider eco-system is particularly obvious; of the 16 names tracked on this metric by GWI, its four services are all in the first group when it comes to how frequently people are using them.

By some distance, it’s WhatsApp and Facebook which post the best figures here, suggesting that Facebook remains the default hub for traditional networking activities and that WhatsApp is a major go-to point for simple messaging behaviors. Both of them are around 20-25 points ahead of YouTube and around 40-50 points ahead of names like Vine.

Perhaps the most impressive metric is that just 7% of users on Facebook and 13% on WhatsApp select the less-than-weekly option. Compare that to sites like Viber and Vine, where 50% or more say this, and the difference in engagement is clear.

Clients can download the full version of GWI Social here.