The Importance of Social in Reaching Family Vacationers

Throughout the vacation seasons, many travel brands are targeting those looking to secure a last minute deal. Family holidays are a huge segment in the travel business, so reaching those with young children will be key for many in the industry – just as it has been for JetBlue with its ‘Little Tickets’ campaign.

Whether it’s checking reviews from other consumers or scrolling through Pinterest to find a suitable destination, our chart shows that social can have a big influence when Vacationers with Young Children are planning a holiday.

In fact, over 30% of this audience say they turn to social to research products to buy – making them notably more likely to be doing so than those without children.

Building a strong social presence will allow travel brands to influence consumers as they research and plan their vacations. And it’s certainly promising that Vacationers with Young Children happily see social as an important brand-interaction point: over a quarter are visiting or ‘liking’ brands on social media each month, while close to a fifth are clicking on sponsored posts.

And given that across the board they’re more likely to be doing so than those without children, the importance of this channel for reaching this target demographic is obvious.

For more insights on this topic, clients can download our Vacation Buyers report here.

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