UK Leads for Watching TV Catch-Up Services

Continuing our short series of charts on TV viewing habits around the world, today we focus in on the markets where catch-up TV services are most popular.

With 6 in 10 watching a TV catch-up service at least monthly, many digital consumers are now accustomed to accessing their favorite TV shows whenever they please. Just as fast-growth markets tend to spend the longest watching online TV more generally, they are also some of the biggest watchers of TV catch-up services. Thailand takes the second-place spot, helped by services like Bugaboo TV being popular there. And the popularity of Chinese platform Youku, which offers catch-up services, helps China feature in the top 5.

There’s one mature market that shows strongly here, however: the UK, which takes pole position. Above all, this can be contributed to the great success of BBC iPlayer (over 40% of UK internet users say they watch iPlayer monthly). But with services like ITV Player and All4 also scoring well, the challenge for SVOD services in some markets is clear.

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