Substantial investment continues to be poured into the ride-sharing market, with South-East Asian company Grab being just the latest example. Today’s chart looks at how one of the most famous names in this industry, Uber, is faring against its competition in some key countries.

Uber’s position is fairly secure at home, with 11% of online Americans saying they’ve used the app in the past month (compared to Lyft’s 5%). Elsewhere, though, it’s neck-and-neck with competitors; in urban India, Uber (28%) is just ahead of Ola Cabs (27%), while in the Philippines it takes a close second place to Grab.

Uber has made significant strides since launching in both of these Asian markets; back in 2015, GWI research showed that it used to trail Ola Cabs by nine percentage-points in India and Grab by five points in the Philippines. But Uber still faces challenges, especially with automotive companies looking to take a slice of the action.

 Uber’s Challenges Around the WorldDownload Device Q1 2017


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