Top 1% spend over 2 hours per day on mobile internet

Thursday’s blog draws on more data from our new Audience Report on the Top 1% – the very wealthiest consumers who own at least one property outright and have additional wealth/assets worth at least 1 million USD.

Overall, members of this Top 1% are spending an average of nearly 6.75 hours online per day – with mobiles accounting for about 30% of this and PCs/laptops/tablets for the other 70%.

Compared to all internet users, the Top 1% are online for a longer period of time each day (6.15 hours being the daily average among global internet users). That this audience is more likely to own devices such as tablets and smart TVs is a major driver of this.

If we look at specific media behaviors, offline forms of consumption remain in the lead for TV and radio but online has taken the lead for press – with 1.50 hours being devoted to online sources versus 1.33 hours for physical print forms.

Nevertheless, online forms of TV and radio are currently much more popular among the Top 1% than they are among the general internet population. While global internet users typically consume 0.73 hours of online TV and 0.63 hours of online radio each day, the equivalent figures among these affluent consumers are 1.41 and 1.35 hours respectively. The Top 1% are also consuming less linear TV and broadcast radio each day, showing that they really are at the forefront of the migration towards online content.