The Rise of Multi-Device Shopping

With digital consumers now owning an average of 3.64 connected devices, many are adopting a multi-device approach when it comes to online shopping. In fact, it’s 9 in 10 of those who shop on their mobiles and tablets who have also used a PC/laptop to purchase online within the last month. Similarly, 3 in 4 tablet shoppers and 1 in 2 PC shoppers are engaging with m-commerce.

While PCs/laptops still remain central to online commerce – with their larger screens and perceived security credentials being key to this – the multi-device approach to online shopping is a clear reflection of how consumers are comfortable using a range of devices during their purchase journey.

And it’s mobile which remains the one to watch: 52% are using one to research products and almost half are completing a purchase on this device. These numbers will only continue to rise.