This week’s chart series has a sports focus, beginning today by exploring the potential uptake of paid-for sports subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services among consumers who self-report a strong interest in watching sport.

Globally, 75% of these Sports Fans are watching sports coverage or highlights online each month. When we split by region, this figure sees a low in Europe where sports broadcasts on TV are commonplace, but a high of 8 in 10 in APAC where Sports Fans are more likely to be going online to follow games overseas.

Sports Fans are comfortable paying for online video subscriptions too, with 1 in 4 paying to access a movie or TV streaming service online last month. As viewing behaviors migrate online in this way, sports broadcasters and rights holders can take advantage of this consumer enthusiasm with streaming services dedicated to content editions which are exclusive and engaging for online subscribers.

To increase reach among paying subscribers, creating these services to reflect the offline sports fans community could be key, especially when 37% say they “would buy a product/service simply for the experience of being part of the community built around it”.

Currently, with sports SVOD services few and far between, the opportunity to be ahead of the game is significant. Some players are making steps though, such as Amazon’s partnership with NFL for weekly streams on Prime of the biggest matches, and football team Juventus’ own on-demand SVOD platform dedicated to international supporters, for example.

Sports Fans are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who have a strong interest in watching sport.


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