SoundCloud as Popular Globally as Spotify

For our first blog post this week, we preview data from our new infographic on SoundCloud users.

It’s now 1 in 10 online adults aged 16-64 who say they use SoundCloud each month. While the service has yet to usurp established music marketplaces like Google Play and iTunes, that means it’s neck-and-neck with Spotify (and ahead among Millennials). Regional patterns are key here, though; SoundCloud might have a lead in APAC, but Spotify is ahead in Europe and North America.

Almost 4 in 10 SoundCloud users say they bought a music download last month, making them twice as likely as the average person to have done this. Nevertheless, their migration towards streaming is clear – three fifths say they would rather sign up for a membership to a service than pay extra to own something, and 3 in 10 paid for a music streaming service last month.

To explore the digital behaviors and attitudes of SoundCloud users further, download the infographic from our Insight Store.