Mobile Strengthens Lead as Top Second-Screen Device in Philippines

To finish our series previewing our new Market Reports, today’s chart looks at the rise of mobiles as a second-screen device in the Philippines.

While laptops were once the most popular device for digital consumers in the Philippines who are getting online while watching TV, it’s now mobiles that these internet users are most likely to be reaching for. Meanwhile, the challenges facing tablets are easy to see here; although they had previously been enjoying strong increases for this behavior, the picture now is different.

Social activities form the core of digital consumers’ second-screening habits, with using social media and messaging friends popular activities for TV viewers.

And while it is true that some consumers are happy to interact with the online content of TV shows or engage in discussion of the TV shows they watch, the reality is that most second-screen activities are a distraction from the content being watched on the main screen, rather than a complement.

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