Continuing this week’s insights around music streaming engagement trends and the future of the business, today’s chart explores the continued relevance of radio in the daily media schedules of Music Streamers.

When we segment Music Streamers based on their engagement frequencies with broadcast radio, around 8 in 10 say they listen daily. Even though half of these are tuning in for less than 30 minutes, it’s significant that 1 in 4 Music Streamers are spending at least one hour a day listening to radio – these users are more likely to be listening with purpose.

If we look across the 42 countries we track, the attachment to broadcast radio is far more pronounced in certain markets. In particular, the figure for those who listen to at least one hour a day sits above 40% among Music Streamers in Argentina and Belgium, reaching a high of 46% in Poland (20 percentage points above the global average for Music Streamers).

Radio is still very much a part of the global listenership trends. Music streaming services may be evolving and taking on some of radio’s offerings, but for now, they’re perhaps yet to offer streaming consumers something that matches the serendipity of music on radio.  

Music Streamers are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who say they stream music daily.



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Olivia is a Senior Insights Analyst at GlobalWebIndex. Moving to the company over 2 years ago after completing a degree in Psychology, Olivia works as part of the Strategic Insights team producing bespoke assets for clients. Olivia also writes on GlobalWebIndex’s blog, with a particular interest in social media and behavioral economics.

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