In the content marketing boom, podcasts have become an important medium for brands wishing to reach listeners via in-show advertising, and some have even taken to producing their own shows. As our last chart this week shows, the last two years have seen an important shift in how podcast listeners are engaging with this content.

In 2015, 79% of Podcast Listeners tuned in on their desktops, while 62% did so via mobile. Fast-forward two years and this situation has reversed; three-quarters are now listening on mobile, while the figure for PCs/laptops has fallen to 59%.

The direction of travel is abundantly clear here, with mobile set to become the default device for the podcast audience.

Apple’s more streamlined Podcasts app is having a clear impact here, with Podcast Listeners 30% more likely to own an iPhone. Apps like these have also provided podcast producers, and advertisers, with more data about their audience’s engagement habits and preferences. And while this medium remains a developing advertising platform, that 1 in 4 internet users say they are listening to podcasts on their smartphone shows the potential here.

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Chase Buckle is the Trends Manager at GlobalWebIndex. Chase oversees GlobalWebIndex’s Trends team, who leverage the company’s research studies to unlock the most up-to-date understanding of the modern digital consumer.

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