2 in 3 Parents with Young Children Shopping Online via Mobile

Just as convenience factors like free delivery and a quick/easy checkout process weigh heavily on the purchasing decisions of parents of young children, today’s chart demonstrates how the convenience of mobiles has ensured they have become this group’s most popular e-commerce device.

In 2015, it was PCs/laptops (77%) that led mobiles (57%) for online buying among this audience, but since then mobiles (66%) have leapfrogged computers to become the most popular shopping device.

Parents in APAC are particularly fond of buying via their smartphone (on 77%), thanks to the pivotal role of mobiles in this region.

The convenience offered by mobile to the on-the-go lifestyles of this audience is underscored by their attitudes – 2 in 3 say they try to fit as much into their day as possible, and 62% take main responsibility for household food shopping. So, it’s clear how shopping online via their smartphone fits in well with these parents’ broader daily routines.

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