40% of Digital Consumers in Nigeria are Mobile-Only

As we saw on Monday, PCs and laptops are much less important to digital consumers in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria. Today we continue our investigation into the importance of mobiles to internet users in these countries.

It’s immediately apparent that the digital lives of internet users in these markets revolve around mobiles. Across all 40 countries where we conduct our research, it’s only 9% of internet users who can be classified as truly mobile-only (not accessing or owning any other connected device). In these four countries, however, figures rise to over a third. Nigeria leads the way here, with 40% of digital consumers falling into the mobile-only audience.

This is a testament to the importance of mobile in the development of the internet landscape in these countries. While most digital consumers across the globe, particularly in Europe and North America, first came online via computers, it’s smartphones that are clearly seen as the default internet device for consumers in many emerging markets.

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