Today’s chart looks at cross-device purchasing habits, exploring the range of devices that digital consumers are using for commerce.

For many internet users, it’s not the case that they limit themselves to buying products via a PC or a mobile. In fact, over half of those who have purchased via a PC have also bought something on their mobile (with the same being true for mobile shoppers making additional purchases via PCs). Meanwhile, those who shop on tablets are particularly likely to shop on mobiles too, with nearly 3 in 4 doing so.

Clearly, then, shopping online may be mobile-first at a global level, but these cross-device habits reveal the importance of flexibility in e-commerce – with consumers not limiting themselves to one device. And it’s not just buying which involves multiple devices; as our Commerce Flagship Report explains in detail, the path to purchase is very much a multi-device experience. From discovery to checkout, a multi-device strategy is essential to keeping consumers engaged throughout.

To get more information about the latest trends in commerce, clients can download our new GWI Commerce Flagship Report here and a free version is also available here.

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