The rise of mobile to become the most important internet device has had a major impact across an ever-expanding range of industries. As today’s Chart shows, banking is no exception to this.

Globally, 3 in 4 internet users access an internet banking service each month. And while the perceived security and functionality benefits of PCs/laptops ensure they remain the most important device for shopping online, for online banking 2016 saw mobiles overtake computers, despite this activity’s security-sensitive nature.

The convenience and time-saving advantages of banking via mobile – allowing users to pay bills, transfer money and monitor their financial affairs while on-the-go – have proved to be extremely valuable here. What’s more, the overall percentage figure for this behavior has remained relatively steady, making it clear that it’s how people are banking online that is changing.

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Chase Buckle is the Trends Manager at GlobalWebIndex. Chase oversees GlobalWebIndex’s Trends team, who leverage the company’s research studies to unlock the most up-to-date understanding of the modern digital consumer.

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