Millennials watching online TV for 1 hour a day

For Tuesday’s chart, we draw on data from our new Millennials Audience Report (download a free summary here) to look at the amount of daily time that this group are now spending on their smartphones.

Although Millennials have long since been known as the mobile-first generation, GWI’s long-term data on this metric still makes for striking reading. Since 2012, the average amount of time being spent online on a mobile among this audience has rocketed from 1.78 to 3.14 hours.

Simultaneously, time devoted to PCs, laptops or tablets has been ebbing downwards to stand at just over 4 hours. Before too long, that means mobiles are on course to capture more daily time than all other devices put together – emphasizing just how dominant the smartphone has become within the daily lives of this trend-setting audience.

For more insights on Millennials, clients can download the full version of our new audience report here.