APAC Millennials Lead for Sharing Branded Social Content

After yesterday’s focus on why Gen Z use social media, today we continue our series on generations to look at Millennials and their willingness to share branded content on social.

Our chart highlights the opportunity for brands to naturally expand their reach across social platforms with little effort. Millennials are 16% more likely than average to share branded content on social media, and 1 in 8 are doing so every month.

A willingness to share branded content is something that varies across the world regions. Millennials in APAC are twice as likely as those in Europe to be doing so, for example, and this region has the highest ratio of sharers to followers (37%). But across the world, at least a fifth of brand followers are choosing to share branded posts.

For brands it’s about creating stories and moments that Millennials want to engage with, rather than pushing products – whether that’s allowing people to express what they care about or connecting them to a specific event like a news story.

For more insights on how Millennials engage with brands, download our free infographic here.

Millennials are defined as internet users aged 21-34.