Thursday’s chart concludes our preview of GWI’s new audience report on Millennials (download a free summary here) by looking at social networking behaviors among this key group.

Over the last few years, one thing has remained absolutely constant here: the dominance of Facebook. Almost 9 in 10 Millennials outside of China have an account on the site, over 8 in 10 are visiting it and its active users engage with the service more frequently than those of any other network.

Even so, the changing social media landscape in which it exists is strikingly clear from our chart; whereas Millennials were typically active on an average of 2.92 networks back in 2013, that figure now stands at 4.13 in 2016. Plainly, then, social behaviors continue to diversify as services such as Instagram and Tumblr have grown in size and as names like Snapchat evolve from messaging services into fully fledged social platforms in their own right.

So, Facebook is still the hub at the heart of Millennial networking behaviors, but it now has to compete harder for the attention of its audience – something which helps to explain its constant drive for innovation and new features, and why it said in its latest results that it will continue to acquire new services.

For more insights on Millennials, clients can download the full version of our new audience report here.


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