Email marketing is arguably one of the most direct ways of reaching out to consumers with more tailored and personalized content. Today’s chart explores where email marketing is the most successful.

Our data suggests that, despite the influence of newer forms of digital communication (i.e. social and video), email marketing is standing the test of time, continuing to be one of the top brand interactions of the 20 we track, only falling behind visiting a brand’s website and watching branded videos. Almost 1 in 4 internet users say they read emails/newsletters from brands, with 45-64s 20% more likely than average to say this.

Regionally, North Americans are the most engaged with this traditional form of marketing, but other regions also achieve relatively decent figures – showing how the communication should remain a key part of cross-demographic engagement strategies.


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Olivia is a Senior Insights Analyst at GlobalWebIndex. Moving to the company over 2 years ago after completing a degree in Psychology, Olivia works as part of the Strategic Insights team producing bespoke assets for clients. Olivia also writes on GlobalWebIndex’s blog, with a particular interest in social media and behavioral economics.

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