Internet users in LatAm spend the most time online

To celebrate the launch of our new Region Reports, today’s blog takes a look at the amount of time that internet users typically spend online each day.

Regionally, the figure is highest in Latin America – where digital consumers are spending an average of nearly 7.75 hours per day online – with the Middle East & Africa following closely behind. That’s a reflection of these regions containing so many fast-growth markets where online populations tend to have a much younger age profile, and where mobiles have long been a much more vital internet gateway than in more mature countries.

This becomes particularly clear if we look at time spent on mobiles as a percentage of the total time spent online: in APAC, LatAm and the Middle East, mobiles are already capturing a third or more of our online time. In contrast, mobile accounts for notably lower shares in both Europe and North America.

With mobiles showing strong year-on-year increases across all regions, though, 2015 is likely to be the year that they reach parity with other devices in at least some markets.

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