Gen Z Spending Over 3.5 Hours on Mobiles Daily

To mark the release of our brand new Generation Z audience report this week, today we take a look at how long these 16-20 year olds are spending online on their mobiles vs their PCs/laptops/tablets.

With Gen Zers the first generation to be raised in the era of the smartphone, there’s little surprise that these devices are absolutely central to their online lives. Personal ownership of smartphones is virtually universal (96%) and each day they spend an average of 3 hours 38 minutes online on these devices – almost 50 minutes longer than the average internet user.

Crucially, this means that Gen Z are the first generation to pass the tipping point and be spending longer online on their mobiles than all other devices combined. This isn’t to say that PCs/laptops/tablets are redundant – they still capture 3 ½ hours of daily online time – but this is still 25 minutes less than we see globally.

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