Gen Z 40% More Likely to Follow Actors on Social Media

As we explore in our new summary report on Generation Z (clients can download full report here), these young consumers are big celebrity fans.

In fact, Gen Zers are about 50% more likely than average to be using social media to keep up with their favorite celebrities. Take a look at who they’re choosing to follow on social platforms and this is particularly apparent: beyond people known in real life, they’re most likely to follow actors – with musicians and comedians featuring in the top 5 too. It’s also telling that it’s for these options that we see the greatest over-indexes.

With Generation Z considerably more likely to discover new brands via celebrity endorsements (and in general being more easily influenced than the other generations), this all points to the clear potential to reach this audience via influencer marketing.

Gen Z 40% More Likely to Follow Actors on Social MediaExplore data in PRO PlatformGet the GWI Social Q1 2017 Report