Can the iPhone 7 Repeat the Success of the 6?

With the launch of the iPhone 7 yesterday, Apple will be hoping to repeat the success of the iPhone 6. And as today’s Chart of the Day shows, although it will be a challenge to match the achievement of the 6 models, there is a large base of existing iPhone owners who are primed to upgrade.

The impact of the iPhone 6 and 6s shines through here. Already, 16% of iPhone owners are using a 6, while 13% have a 6s, putting these models in second and third position, respectively. Considering the increased cost of the Plus models, the fact that 9% of iPhone owners have a 6Plus and 7% have purchased a 6s Plus is good news for Apple’s bottom line.

But among the quarter of internet users globally who own an iPhone, it’s the 5s that is the most popular model and it’s still 1 in 10 iPhone owners who are using a 4s. It’s these iPhone owners that Apple will be hoping are ready to upgrade to the new 7 model.