Buying Online is Now Mobile-First

Our latest research confirms that online shopping has now become a mobile-first activity. This transition reflects changing attitudes towards m-commerce and signals a new era of growth for other purchasing avenues heavily reliant on mobile.

Continued growth for m-commerce will pave the way for location-based retail, AR shopping experiences, social commerce and mobile payments to take on a more prominent role in the consumer’s path to purchase. In culmination, these trends will build a much sleeker, more flexible and more personalized purchasing experience centered around the smartphone, both online and offline.

There’s no doubt that APAC has been the driving force behind m-commerce; 63% in this region are buying via their mobiles each month. But if we focus on the mobile-centric 16-24 age group, figures in Europe and North America jump to 40% and 45%, respectively. This is yet another reminder of how important it is for retailers to optimize their sites for mobile.

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