Ad-Blocking Millennials Happy to Pay for Content

As we have seen throughout our chart series on ad-blocking this week, ad-blocker usage is primarily driven by frustration with mistargeted and excessive online ads.

Although digital marketers may find it more difficult to engage ad-blocker users, today’s chart emphasizes that this is a valuable audience.

The Millennial cohort of this audience are perhaps the most important example here. These 21-34 ad-blocker users are in fact more likely than the average Millennial to be buying all the online forms of content that GlobalWebIndex tracks. Although they are keen to control their online experience using what tools they can, it’s also three quarters of ad-blocking Millennials who are willing to spend money on some type of digital content on a monthly basis.

If appeals for whitelisting are to have an impact among this audience, then the digital advertising they are exposed to should be strictly focused on their favorite content types and formats.

Millennial ad-blocker users are defined as internet users aged 21-34 who say they used an ad-blocker last month.