84% of Millennials own a Smartphone

This week GlobalWebIndex launches its new Audience Report on Millennials – exploring the digital behaviors and attitudes of this coveted demographic (you can download a free summary here).

Today’s blog post focuses on one of the report’s key topics: the explosion of mobiles among Millennials. More than 80% of 17-31 year olds now own a smartphone, with social networking being the top mobile internet activity (more than half accessed social media via their phone last month).

The success that Instagram and other photo-based networks have had on mobile is reflected in the number of Millennials who are uploading photos online using their smartphone – 46% do each month.

So too are video clips finding a natural home on mobiles: almost half of Millennials watch them on a monthly basis. YouTube is gaining much of this traffic, having grown its mobile audience significantly over the last few years.