For today’s chart, we preview insights from our new GWI Social report (you can download a free summary version here) by looking at frequency of engagement on some of the biggest platforms.

Leading the pack is Facebook, with over half of its active users engaging with the service more than once a day – putting it over 20 percentage points ahead of second-placed YouTube and third-placed Instagram.

That so many of Facebook’s active users are connecting so frequently is a testament to how ingrained it has become within daily lives, but also of the ongoing migration of social networking behaviors to mobile platforms; the nature of smartphone internet usage means that many users are checking in multiple times a day, albeit for relatively short periods. There’s also a strong age effect at work here: the younger a Facebook user is, the more likely they are to be using the service more than once a day.

Overall, perhaps the most impressive metric is that just 9% of Facebook’s active users select the less-than-weekly option. Compare that to sites like Instagram and Twitter, where about a quarter say this, and the strength of Facebook is clear.

Clients can find out more about the latest social media trends by reading the full GWI Social report here.


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