7 in 10 Snapchatters use Facebook Messenger too

For Thursday’s chart, we examine multi-messaging behaviors among the Snapchat audience (drawing on data from our new Mobile Messaging trend).

Multi-app usage is absolutely normal when it comes to the messaging; just as we’ve seen multi-networking proliferate – whereby people are maintaining accounts on a wide range of networks – so the same trend is in evidence here. Take a service like Snapchat and more than 7 in 10 of its users are active on Facebook Messenger too. More than 50% of Snapchatters are also WhatsAppers.

Evidently, we need to reject the notion that people tend to use one app only; to the contrary, they are happy to operate across a wide range of them. In some cases (e.g. WeChat, Telegram, Tango, Kik), users are actually active on around 5 different chat apps. Fostering a sense of loyalty among such audiences is thus a major challenge.