54% of internet users have a Google+ account

Our midweek post previews one of our new GWI Infographics by looking at the profile and behaviors of Google+ users.

Overall, the numbers with an account on the service continue to rise; having reached 50% in 2013, Google+ membership has climbed again in 2014 to hit 54%. In terms of active usage – those who say they have contributed to or used the site within the last month – the figure now stands at 1 in 5.

But this headline total masks some very strong differences by region and country. Generally speaking, it is in fast-growth markets where online populations are the most likely to be actively using the service each month – with Indonesia (36%) and India (35%) topping the list of GWI’s 32 markets. Compare that to places like the UK (12%) or USA (15%) and the variations in uptake are plain to see.

It’s also worth recognizing that the Google+ audience is highly active on other social platforms too. With nearly three quarters being regular users of Facebook and almost half using Twitter each month, it’s clear that today’s internet users are adopting a distinctly multi-service approach to their social behaviors.