As well as presenting a joint seminar with ZenithOptimedia at Dmexco on the key mobile trends that marketers need to know about, this week GlobalWebIndex launched our new Flagship report, GWI Device (download a free summary here).

Mobile carriers may be discussing 5G now but it’s still only 25% of internet users who say 4G is the standard connection they use when accessing the mobile web. That said, the trend here is clear – the numbers accessing 4G are continually rising, with 3G seeing a parallel decline

By region, North America has been the most enthusiastic about adopting 4G. By country, however, it’s South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong which top the table (with the USA in fourth).

Unsurprisingly, there’s also a strong link with income here, something which explains why despite spending the most amount of daily time on the mobile internet, 16-24s are less likely than 25-44s to be on 4G.

By brand, it’s no surprise to see iPhone 6/6+ owners, who are more likely to affluent and North American, leading for 4G usage. In contrast, Samsung and LG users post much lower numbers, reflecting their popularity in some less affluent nations.

To find out more about device ownership and usage, read the full version of GWI Device Q3 2015 here.


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