40% discover brands via recommendations from friends

The chart below focuses on how internet users discover new products – a key topic in our new GWI Brand report (a free summary of which can be downloaded here).

While online press coverage remains the most important source for discovery, peer-to-peer channels are major go-to points too: 4 in 10 have found a brand through a recommendation, a third via a consumer review and 30% through a comment on a forum.

Age-based trends are key here, though. So, whereas 16-44s show the biggest preference for online press, 45-64s are the most likely to take a friend’s recommendation. Older internet users are also ahead for finding brands through in-store displays, while 35-44 year olds over-index the most for product comparison sites.

25-34 year olds display their love of networking by over-indexing for updates by a brand on social media, while celebrity endorsements are most likely to bring brands to the attention of 16-24s.

You can download the full version of our new GWI Brand report from our Insight Store, here.