4 in 10 Millennials pick mobiles as their most important device

For this week’s final Chart of the Day, we preview data from our new Millennials report to look at device importance among this trend-setting age group.

Globally, it’s smartphones which rule the roost for this metric – over 4 in 10 Millennials say their phone is their most important device for getting online, compared to just 3 in 10 who say the same about a laptop, 2 in 10 about a desktop and a meagre 3% who choose a tablet as their key device.

However, there’s a clear regional divide here. Across North America and Europe – where PCs and laptops still remain much more fundamental access points – mobiles are yet to take top spot. Compare that to APAC, LatAm or the Middle East & Africa, where mobiles have a lead of at least ten percentage points, and the differences in engagement are plain to see.

So, although Millennials might be a mobile-first generation, this is much more pronounced in some parts of the world than others.

Clients can access the full version of the Millennials report here. Alternatively, you can download a free summary here.