3 in 10 US Teens are Snapchatting

Our final blog post this week covers the rise of Snapchat – one of the most important topics from our new Teens report (download a free summary here).

Globally, 14% of Teens are using Snapchat each month. But in its home country of the US, this figure rises to 3 in 10. Snapchat is also booming among Teens in some European markets – 37% in the UK and 35% in Ireland are Snapchatters.

As to why teens are turning to the service, 6 in 10 teen users say it’s because their friends are on it too, with the most popular reason of all being that Snapchat is fun to use. Tellingly, privacy comes at the bottom of the list; while it might have been key to the app’s initial positioning, it’s no longer a priority for the teen audience.