3 in 10 Clash of Clans Players Discover Brands via In-App Advertising

With almost two-thirds of internet users worldwide now gaming on their smartphones, there’s great potential for advertisers and marketers to reach an extensive audience though ads served on ‘freemium’ games. Clash of Clans is one free-to-play gaming franchise that has courted serious industry attention lately, and so today we profile its players and, most importantly, the potential for monetization and in-app advertising.

It will come as no real surprise that this audience are predominantly young, with an impressive 48% being aged 16-24 and 80% being under the age of 34. Elsewhere, we see the audience skews notably towards males.

In spite of their young age profile, this audience still seem willing to part with cash (or that of their parents) for gaming content. As many as 3 in 10 have bought a mobile game in the last month, while 17% have made an in-app purchase. For both, they’re about twice as likely to be doing so as the average internet user.

Perhaps the most attractive attribute for marketers is their responsiveness to in-app advertising. 3 in 10 Clash of Clans Players say they discover new brands via mobile or tablet apps, while over half say they tend to buy the brands they see advertised.

For more insights on how the gaming landscape is changing, keep an eye out for our upcoming Gaming insight report.

3 in 10 Clash of Clans Players Discover Brands via In-App AdvertisingExplore the data in PRO PlatformDownload Device Q1 2017