3 in 10 Android mobile users blocked ads last month

With Adblock Plus having just released an Android app that allows users to restrict the ads delivered to their smartphones, this week’s final blog looks at current trends and numbers in this space.

Already, a significant section of the Android audience are using services like Adblock Plus on their other devices. Last month 29% say they used an adblocker in some form, while almost half say they have used one at some point in the past. Clearly, then, there was a significant Android audience waiting for the release of the Adblock Plus app.

The youngest Android users are the most likely to be using adblockers, with monthly usage rates reaching one third among 16-24s. Interestingly, however, North America and Europe lead from a regional perspective. The internet populations in these developed markets tend to lag behind internet users in emerging markets for many online activities; that they lead the way for adblocker usage is testament to the challenges that these tools present for online advertising.