3 in 10 US Walmart Shoppers Finding New Brands from Online Ads

While TV ads remain the most impactful way for brands to bring themselves to the attention of Walmart Shoppers in the USA, digital channels are now having a significant influence on this audience.

In fact, 29% of this group say they regularly discover new brands or products from online ads, with a significant 42% saying that search engines help them find new brands. These figures mean that digital channels can boast figures similar to key traditional channels like word-of-mouth recommendations and in-store displays/promotions. And that among 16-24 year-old Walmart Shoppers, search engines and online ads take the top two spots is certainly important.

Also, although social is less important to these consumers when it comes to brand discovery, it’s still significant that a fifth of Walmart Shoppers are finding new brands from social media (rising to a quarter among 16-24s).

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