As our Trends 17 report makes clear, we’re moving headlong into the video-first landscape as more and more social networks bet big on video. But it’s still YouTube which emerges as the king of this format, having the most visitors on a monthly basis (88% outside of China).

YouTube’s popularity has made it an ideal candidate for video-game advertising, and our data shows that over a fifth of YouTubers are now watching game trailers on the platform each month (rising to 37% among Gamers who use the site). LatAm sees a notable spike for this activity, a result of its strong enthusiasm for gaming.

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With GWI’s data also revealing that 1 in 10 of the service’s users are visiting YouTube Gaming (introduced in 2015), the video-sharing site’s position as a go-to point for finding out about new releases has been solidified further. That surely helps explain why Gamers on YouTube are 32% more likely to use video sites for online product research (25% do).

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