2 in 3 Social Video Viewers Sharing Video Online

To conclude our series on those who are watching video on the major social networks, today’s Chart explores the video sharing behaviors of these digital consumers.

Social Video Viewers are not a passive audience. This group is in fact 26% more likely than average to have uploaded or shared a video on the internet last month (2 in 3 have). They over-index for this behavior on all devices, but mobile stands out with a comfortable lead as the primary go-to destination.

By region, it’s Social Video Viewers in APAC who are most enthusiastic about sharing video online, with around 3 in 4 doing this last month. Nevertheless, all regions perform strongly here, achieving figures of at least 1 in 2. And with these consumers 36% more likely to say that sharing photos or videos with others is a main reason for using social media, their affinity towards video sharing is a clear indication of the potential organic reach that social video can utilize.

2 in 3 Social Video Viewers Sharing Video OnlineExplore data in PRO Platform