Online activities may be migrating to mobile, but the ongoing attachment to PCs/laptops in mature markets continues to ensure their relevance in the online landscape. And when it comes to gaming, these more traditional devices actually owe part of their strong engagement figures to fast-growth regions.

Egyptian consumers are the most avid PC Gamers, but a look at our chart reveals how APAC-centric PC gaming is as an activity, with 6 of the top 10 markets falling within this region. PC ownership in APAC may fall behind the likes of Europe and North America (both of which are among the least enthusiastic regions for PC gaming), but thanks to the strong PC gaming café culture across many APAC markets, these devices remain important, especially among the more hardcore gaming market.

Price-considerations are key here. Whereas in the West, PC gaming often requires significant investment to purchase the needed hardware capable of running the latest titles, these gaming cafés allow anyone to make use of this hardware, explaining why over 2 in 3 from the lower income group are gaming via PCs. Equally, comparatively lower priced games and hardware in Russia has resulted in these devices dominating this market (on 67%).

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