Apple’s recent WWDC event saw the company introduce a new tool in the latest Safari browser which blocks third-party ad-trackers.

As our midweek Chart of the Day shows, anti-tracking tools are already used by an important minority of Safari Web Users. That’s not a surprise when we consider that 6 in 10 Safari Web Users express concern over how companies use their personal data online. That almost 1 in 5 among this group have used an anti-tracker tool on their main computer in the last month (making them 25% more likely to be doing so) demonstrates their willingness to act upon these concerns.

An important distinction, however, is that while third-party cookies will now be blocked, first-party trackers from purposefully visited sites will remain in the browser for 24 hours. This is good news for the most visited sites online (upwards of 75% of internet users outside China visit Facebook, Google and YouTube each month), which can continue to effectively target their users’ browsing behaviors.

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