17% of Business Travelers Using Uber

In Uber’s drive towards profitability, the professional travel sector has been an area of keen focus – with Uber for Business, the company’s ride management platform for businesses, aiming to stake a claim in this lucrative market.

As our Chart today shows, it’s already decent numbers of current Business Travelers who are comfortable using Uber, who could therefore be amenable to using the professional version of the service. Those from LatAm are the most enthusiastic, but the ride-sharing app also posts significant figures in APAC and, across all regions, this audience over-indexes against the average for using Uber.

Sharing economy brands like Uber, Airbnb and Lyft have seriously disrupted the vacation travel industry in recent years and the business travel sector provides another opportunity for these companies to expand.

For more insights on Business Travelers, clients can download our infographic on this audience here.

17% of Business Travelers Using UberExplore data in PRO Platform
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