16-24s in LatAm and MENA are biggest mobile web users

With the first of our new Market Reports now available, Thursday’s blog looks at time spent on the mobile web across each region.

As might be expected, 16-24s are at the very forefront of this behavior in all regions – spending a longer period of time on the mobile web each day than any other age group.

Differences between younger and older internet users are most pronounced in Europe and North America, where 16-24s are using the web for around 6x as long as 55-64s. That many older consumers in mature markets still need convincing about the benefits of mobile web usage is thus clear.

Equally apparent is that LatAm and MENA are leading the way when it comes to mobile internet usage – a trend being driven by the fact that, in these regions, smartphones are often an individual’s first, or in cases only, access point to the web.

The first of our new Market Reports,UK,USA andMalaysia andChina, are now available to download.