1 in 5 Young Beauty Fans Discover New Brands via Vlogs

From paid-for celebrity and vlogger endorsements, to TV and print ad campaigns, there’s a whole host of channels that beauty brands are using to reach their target audiences.

But for those hoping to reach the youngest Beauty Fans (those aged 16-24), it’s clear that digital should be a key focus here. Although traditional channels like TV ads and search engines are among the top scoring, online ads now feature as joint-top of the list (on 40%). And with social media recommendations also securing a place in the top 5, social channels undoubtedly have a key role to play in enhancing brand awareness and credibility.

Something else that stands out here is the potential to reach this audience via influencer marketing. If we look at where they are furthest ahead of the average 16-24-year old, it’s blogger posts/reviews and vlogs that see the greatest over-indexes. And with 63% watching a vlog in the last month, there’s a decent share of Beauty Fans who are engaging with this kind of content.

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