1 in 2 Sports Fans Watch Coverage Online

Across GlobalWebIndex’s 32 surveyed countries, 1 in 3 internet users aged 16-64 describe themselves as Sports Fans – the subject of our new infographic and today’s blog post.

As our graphic shows, sport has cross-generational appeal. In fact, it’s the youngest internet users who are least likely to be Sports Fans, though only by a few percent. Regional and income variations are also minimal. Where a clear difference is obvious is by gender – 44% of men say they are strongly interested in sports, vs 1 in 5 women.

Linear TV still dominates viewing habits among these Sports Fans. On average, they watch 2.78 hours of broadcast TV per day, considerably ahead of the 0.87 hours they dedicate to online TV. Nevertheless, it’s clearly significant that more than half of Sports Fans watch coverage online each month. What’s more, a fifth are paying for some form of online sports programs.